Stapleford Farms

For generations the family have managed the land at Stapleford Farms with our own in-house farming team. The environment is at the forefront of our planning and stewardship of the estate, continually trying to maintain, create and increase diverse habits for all wildlife.

Much of the land we farm is clay, lending itself to autumn cropping such as Wheat, Barley and Oil Seed Rape. We have a small amount of spring cropping which lends itself to Spring Barley.

We pride ourselves on being LEAF members and a grower for Weetabix.

We continually strive to improve our techniques and soil structure. Recently we invested heavily into new machinery and techniques, moving away from deep cultivations to employ a shallower system, combined with direct drilling and Controlled Traffic Farming, all reducing soil compaction and to encourage an increase in micro fauna in the soil. These techniques reduce the number of cultivations needed and therefore also reduces our emissions.

Stapleford Farms is an exciting, ever changing and innovative enterprise. For further information or job opportunities please contact: