Horse Riding on the Stapleford Estate
Horse Riding on the Stapleford Estate

To ensure there is as much open access on the estate as possible we have implemented our own private scheme, Stapleford Estate Rides (SER) where members from all over the country can come and ride over large parts of the estate unhindered.

Stapleford Estate Rides consists of 15 miles of off-road rides, compromising of numerous grass tracks around field edges & along the banks of the River Eye. Circular routes have been incorporated into the scheme with other areas utilising hard tracks to link up to a further 1 mile of Bridle way.

We offer a limited number of annual memberships, providing all year-round riding except on specific shoot days between September & February. A limited number of sections will be closed during the shooting season.

We also have the ability to host and hold certain Equine Events on the estate such as Endurance Riding and Fun Rides.

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